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We understand that web hosting isn't sexy.
But, your website is your most important marketing platform.
If you're hosting your site at a discount hosting company, you definitely get what you pay for. Chances are your website is saved on oversold servers, where a large number of sites all struggle to claim their share of limited network speeds. And getting support from those discount companies? Good luck.

Our clients would often complain to us about their web hosts, and we realized there has to be a better way to serve websites that is very easy to use, secure and blazing fast. From humble beginnings on just one server, we now have data centers around the world, including New York, San Francisco, London and Singapore.
We know speed is important when serving websites.
Faster sites rank higher on Google than slow ones.
A slow website can cause donors and customers to leave your site. Fewer customers means less money for your organization. Our servers offer all-SSD storage, and our serving stack is built for speed. We serve content using the new, faster HTTP/2 protocol and new compression technologies. Basically, it's really fast.

While a fast site is great, it has to be secure.
Google not only ranks sites that are served securely higher, it will put an ugly "NOT SECURE" graphic in the address bar of your browser. We serve all our sites over HTTPS. If you have an existing SSL certificate, great, bring it over. If you don't have one, we offer free SSL certificates through Let's Encrypt.

Fast, Secure, Worldwide Hosting
Standard Hosting
$12 per month
Fast SSD storage

1TB Bandwidth

SSL Certificate Included


Firewall Included

Data center selection

3 MySQL Databases

Perfect for single WordPress sites
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Data center locations for Standard Hosting include New York, San Francisco and London.

Data center locations for Dedicated Hosting include New York, San Francisco, London, Singapore, Frankfurt, Toronto and Bangalore.

Need a server with more power, memory, load balancing or storage?
We are a proud DigitalOcean Solutions Provider Agency!
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